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VoIP Telephone Solutions

IP Telephony Solutions

Skype for Business - On-premise telephone system

Microsoft's Skype for Business on-premise (hybrid) server 2015  solution features leading edge functionality that is a good match  for Enterprise customers searching for a feature rich VoIP Telephone  System with the ability to integrate O365 click to call and other  Microsoft cloud functionality. 

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ROI for Replacement Technology

Do you spend most of your IT budget on maintaining your current system? Many companies find that constant maintenance eats into their budget for new technology. Our solutions allow you to focus on what you do best--running your business.


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Managed Services


Comprehensive Managed Services for:

  • Microsoft Skype for Business on-premise (hybrid) server solutions

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Avaya Maintenance (Red)

Avaya Maintenance for Communication Manager ( Avaya RED ) telephone  systems with month to month maintenance plans for maximum management  flexibility. 

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Skype for Business - On-premise (hybrid) Solutions

Overview & Business Drivers

The Microsoft Skype for Business - on-premise VoIP Telephone System for Enterprise customers - uses an on-premise server that integrates with  Microsoft's cloud-based O365 Outlook e-mail platform for click-to-call  capability, to the Polycom VVX - IP telephone for stereo quality -  High Definition (HD) wideband audio telephone calls, to the carrier via SIP Trunking for  cost-effective local and long distance connections, and to the user's workstation for  peer-to-peer video conferencing capability. 

Executives and sales people frequently meet with the public and the  image that is generated by a professional IP telephone is necessary to  position the company as profitable and successful.

Secretaries in large departments frequently need functionality that allows  them to monitor tele-presence and perform conference / call transfer /  forward / and pickup activity.  

Regular employees are able to work productively with the standard IP Telephone  with high definition (HD) sound and a color display.

Remote workers, who require secure telecommuting capability, are required to  access the company’s network from a remote location. The built-in encryption is enabled by default, consequently, there is no VPN requirement, in order to connect an IP  Phone to the corporate Skype for Business - VoIP Telephone System, from a remote location.

Microsoft's Skype for  Business - VoIP Telephone System - includes leading edge functionality that ensure Enterprise end-user customers - are satisfied with the quality and top value.  


Skype for Business - on-premise voice solutions - are State-of-the-Art  solutions that offer the infrastructure needed for Enterprise customers.

The Skype for Business solution has rack-mounted  on-premise servers that were designed for maximum reliability.  

The Skype for Business - VoIP Telephone System provides the optimum solution for  Enterprise customers who are faced with the business requirement to  upgrade their phone system.

IP Telephony Solutions

IP Telephony Solutions

Mananged Services - Skype for Business - on-premise-hybrid

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 Our Managed Services program includes the following components:  monitoring the VoIP telephone system servers, remote engineering trouble  resolution of problems, help desk answering of customer IT  administrator questions, testing and storage of maintenance spares,  replacement of defective equipment, remote backup of customer's generic  load, configuration data, and end user database, disaster recovery  planning and disaster recovery, firmware update implementation, and  software patch and service pack update implementation.

Upgrades are not included in the managed services offer definition and are quoted on a project basis.

The following are included in the IP Telephony Solutions' basic core Managed Services responsibilities:

  • Remote Technical Support and Help Desk Support - Remote Technical  Support 6am to 6pm, Monday to Friday, Pacific Standard Time (PST),  includes Operations Center support for the VoIP Telephone System  features and functionality, trunking integration, configuration  assistance and trouble shooting.  
  • Remote Monitoring Service - includes continuous monitoring of the telephone system servers.  
  • Software Support - includes firmware update implementation, and software patch and service pack update implementation.  
  • Hardware Support - includes replacement of defective telephone system equipment.

Not included in standard coverage:

  • Phone & software client support coverage - includes hardware replacement for  end point devices attached to the network, including IP Phones and IP  Conference Phones. Replacement end point devices are normally shipped via common  carrier to the customer. The customer is responsible for swapping out end point devices and installing software clients on end-user workstations.


Maintenance - Avaya Communication Manager (Red)

Month to month Agreements


Maintenance solutions for Avaya Communication Manager ( RED ) PBXs - provide month to month coverage for maximum management  flexibility.

The month to month Avaya maintenance solution is  designed for those companies that are planning on transitioning their  critical telephone system infrastructure to a newer VoIP Telephone  System.

Our Communication Manager ( Avaya RED ) Operations Center  provides remote technical support and Help Desk functionality, alarm  monitoring, Tier III engineering support, replacement of defective  telephone system equipment, and voicemail replacement if appropriate.

Avaya PBX Maintenance: Month to month Agreements for Communication Manager Customers

Many  Enterprise customers have legacy standalone PBX or phone systems.  These legacy standalone systems are the main cause of service  interruptions for business critical services.

Communication Manager ( Avaya RED ) PBX maintenance programs:

Our  core competency is providing maintenance and technical support for  customers with legacy Communication Manager ( Avaya RED ) telephone  systems.  Our maintenance expertise includes: remote technical support,  help desk functionality, real time monitoring of the PBX equipment, and  advance replacement of defective equipment.

Communication Manager ( Avaya RED ) versions we support are:

CM 1.x, 2.x, 3.x, 4.x, &  5.x
Definity 6.0, 7.0, 8.0, & 9.5
Intuity Audix voicemails

Communication Manager ( Avaya RED ) PBX Maintenance Programs Include:

  • Month to month maintenance Agreements
  • Real time monitoring of major and minor alarms.
  • Remote technical support / help desk support.
  • Equipment replacement coverage of the Communication Manager PBX circuit equipment.     
  • Voice Terminal coverage is additional.

Serving the lower 48 states

Serving the lower 48 states

Polycom VVX IP Phones

Polycom VVX 401 IP Phone

Skype for Business compatible 12-line color IP Phone, 3.5 inch LCD, HD voice (POE), two 10/100 Ethernet ports, one USB port, black

Part# 2200-48400-019

Polycom VVX 411 IP Phone

Skype for Business compatible 12-line color IP Phone, 3.5 inch LCD, HD voice (POE), two gigabit Ethernet ports, one USB port, black

Part# 2200-48450-019

Polycom VVX 501 IP Phone

Skype for Business compatible 12-line IP Phone with color Touch Screen, HD voice (POE), two  gigabit Ethernet ports and two USB ports, black, 

Part# 2200-48500-019

Polycom VVX 201 IP Phone

Skype for Business compatible  2-line IP Phone, 2.5 inch LCD, HD voice (POE), two 10/100 Ethernet ports, black

Part# 2200-40450-019

Polycom VVX 301 IP Phone

Skype for Business compatible 6-line IP Phone, 3.2 inch LCD, HD voice (POE), two  10/100 Ethernet ports, black 

Part# 2200-48300-019

Polycom VVX 311 IP Phone

Skype for Business compatible 6-line IP Phone, 3.2 inch LCD, HD voice (POE) 2 gigabit Ethernet ports, black 

Part# 2200-48350-019